CW-90XB Ready-n-Weigh Bench Scale System

by Rice Lake
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680 Indicator

The CW-90XB Ready-n-Weigh Bench Scale System is a complete bench scale and indicator package. Pair the CW-90XB platform with one of our select digital weight indicators for a system used for general purpose weighing, straightforward automation and a wide range of applications


  • Package includes scale with IP69K stainless steel hermetically sealed load cell with an indicator and 12-inch column
  • Factory calibrated, with indicator setup and configured for 5,000 divisions
  • Scale includes rubber feet to provide exceptional traction and avoid scratching surfaces along with removable top cover for ease of cleaning.
  • AC Power 100-240VAC (480/480 Plus, 482/482Plus, 680 Synergy Series)
  • Battery Power (482/482 Plus internal battery) which is ideal for portable applications
  • Indicator display type for a variety of environments.  LED display (480/480Plus, 680 Synergy Series); LCD backlit display (482/482 Plus)
  • Battery backed time and date 
  • Standard RS-232 serial ports for connecting to a variety of peripherals
  • Ethernet TCP/IP comes standard with the 680 Synergy Series but is sold as an option for the 480/480Plus and 482/482 Plus