Precisa H Series Semi-Micro Balance

by Intelligent Weighing
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Manufacturer Description:

What if we took our powerful and sensitive ultra-weighing system and approached it with the familiarity and intuitiveness of modern touch-screen devices. What if we designed a balance where every feature and application was as easy to access as applications on your smart phone? What if we made a balance that monitors itself, so you would be confident that you’re getting the most consistent and verifiable results? And what if we made a balance so easy to use, you would never have to read the manual?” Well, we did.

The Precisa H Series. A semi-micro and analytical balance range with touch screen software built from the ground up.

Standard Features
  • Tablet Touch Screen
  • Intuitive, Minimal Training Needed
  • Help Screen
  • Automatic Draft Shield Doors
  • Self Linearization
  • Made in Switzerland