MSI Dyna-Clamp Tension Dynamometer

by Rice Lake
Include Carrying Case



Quickly Check Wire Rope Tension

The MSI Dyna-Clamp tension meter has a wire rope engagement site window to help ensure accurate tension readings. The MSI Dyna-Clamp features an easy-turn power screw, to make measuring wire rope tension simple and effortless, even in difficult environments.

Meeting Safety Standards with Every Application

The MSI Dyna-Clamp has accommodations for a safety strap, complying with OSHA requirements. Users can measure wire ropes with up to one-inch diameters without changing equipment.

Large, Easy-To-Read Display

The Dyna-Clamp’s large LCD display can be clearly read in bright, sunny conditions and features a scratch-resistant overly for added durability. Two lines on the display allow users to view two measurements. The live wire rope tension is prominently displayed on the primary display line, while the secondary display line is configurable to show wire rope diameter, average tension, or peak tension.

Standard Features

  • Dual line LCD display
  • Two user-programmable function keys
  • IP65 powder-coated aluminum frame
  • RS-232 port

Additional Options
(Contact MSI for application consultation)

  • Heavy-duty carrying case