Ohaus Ranger 7000 Compact Bench Scale

by Ohaus
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Simplifying Even the Most Complex Industrial Applications.

  • Ten advanced modes simplify complex applications and minimize the need for manual calculations and it can also control peripheral devices and/or a scale platform with option kit.
  • With one second stabilization time, up to 350,000d display resolution and legal for trade certifications, Ranger 7000’s precision cannot be matched by any scale in its class.
  • Ranger 7000 was developed to thrive in rugged and harsh industrial environments. This modular scale was built with IP54 metal housing and sealed metal indicator to ensure durability.


  • Ethernet Kit
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Kit
  • RS232 Kit
  • PCBA Kit, 2nd Platform
  • PCBA Kit, Alibi Memory
  • Discrete I/O Kit, 2-In/4-Out
  • Software, Winwedge
  • Accessory, In Use Cover (Display Only)
  • Cable, RS232, IBM 9P
  • Printer, Impact, SF40A
  • Column Kit, Painted
  • Unit compatible with Windows 10 operating systems using Ohaus SPDC Data Collection software. SPDC Data Collection software can preliminary collect and transfer the data to Microsoft files (such as Excel, Word, Access, and Text).



SPDC Data Collection Instruction Manual