Rice Lake iDimension Plus Dimensioner

by Rice Lake
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A Dimensioning System Like Never Before

When it comes to calculating dimensions of boxes, flats, polybags and more, Rice Lake's iDimension Plus is the fastest static tabletop solution on the market. The iDimension Plus helps prevent revenue loss by providing accurate dimensional weight calculations required by parcel and postal carriers. Put the iDimension Plus to use right away—simply open and assemble to instantly display dimensions.

Industry Leading 0.2-Second Dimensioning

Dimension parcels faster and more accurately than manual measurements with the iDimension Plus. In an industry-leading 0.2 seconds, parcels are automatically calculated at 0.2 inches, eliminating the risk for human error. Irregular-shaped packages like cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and uneven shapes are calculated within +/-0.5 inches. The iDimension Plus is NTEP certified for single irregular and cubic-shaped non-transparent objects.

Innovative Technology

The iDimension Plus uses multiple patented 3D-imaging technologies with advanced algorithms to optimize time and throughput for static outbound shipments. For objects under 1.2 inches, unique flat-detection technology measures envelopes and small packages. Each dimension provides an overhead image for use during claim disputes on damaged packages. A color touchscreen display provides instant feedback, a live image, measurements, weight and operator functions for day-to-day use.

Simple to Set Up

Start using the iDimension Plus within 30 minutes of unboxing with an easy-to-use setup wizard. Simply connect to the web-based interface to begin harnessing advanced configuration and communication settings.


  • Displays dimensions in less than 0.2 seconds
  • Dimensions parcels at 0.2 in Legal for Trade accuracy
  • Dimensions irregular shape packages, polybags and uneven shapes to 0.5 in Legal for Trade accuracy
  • Dimensions flats, parcels, letters or items less than 1.2 in H with scale attached or flat detection trigger located on the base plate
  • 7 in USB touch screen display provides results, operator controls for operator standard functions
  • Automatic Operating and Manual modes
  • Easy to assemble with limited operator training
  • Captures overhead photo of every item, available in .bmp or .jpg format through XML API integration
  • PC interface
    • Static IP or DHCP for use with standard web service API, TCP or HTTP interface or data extraction
    • RS-232 or USB for use with UPS Worldship®, Cubiscan 110/150 emulation and simple command response format
  • Peripherals: Optional powered USB Hub for use of more than one peripheral and UPS Worldship interface. Optional USB barcode scanner with keyboard wedge emulation will manually trigger dimensioning and add barcode text data into web service API. Optional parcel and shipping scales
  • The iDimension Plus is not limited to the maximum and minimum Legal for Trade measurements-it is limited to the object fitting within the field of view of the overhead sensor. See Measuring Capabilities table for example.


  • BenchPro BP-P Postal Scale 70lb Capacity, 12 x 14in
  • BenchPro BP-S Shipping Scale 150 x 0.05lb, 12 x 14in
  • BenchPro BP-S Shipping Scale 150 x 0.05lb, 12 x 16in
  • BenchPro BP-S Shipping Scale 150 x 0.05lb, 18 x 18in
  • BenchPro BP-S Shipping Scale 300 x 0.1lb, 12 x 14in
  • BenchPro BP-S Shipping Scale 300 x 0.1lb, 12 x 16in
  • BenchPro BP-S Shipping Scale 300 x 0.1lb, 18 x 18in
  • USB Hub Kit for use with BenchPro scale and UPS WorldShip compatibility
  • USB Hub Kit for use with barcode scanner and scale
  • QuickScan QD2131 barcode scanner with USB cable
  • Kit, Cable Assy. PC Interface, RS-232
  • Kit, Cable Assy. PC Interface, USB