Rice Lake Load Ranger Wheel Pad Scale

by Rice Lake
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Load Ranger wheel weigh pads are vehicle weighing scales ideal for mobile and temporary applications. With an optional remote indicator and printer, Load Ranger is adaptable for many applications.
  • Up to 6 individual pads (3 sets) per system, completely wireless
  • 14 individual pads (7 sets) per system maximum, joined via cable, wireless communication to indicator
  • Industrial Bluetooth® radio module for ability to communicate with indicator
  • Integrated wheels and nonslip rubber under platform
  • Built-in indicator on each scale with 1 in character display
  • IP68 rating

Optional remote indicator with integrated printer in carrying case


  • Backlit graphic display with touchscreen technology
  • Thermal printer
  • ABS transport case wheel weighing software
  • Semi-automatic and preset tare
  • Print and display list of last 3,500 vehicles


  • RS-485 cable used to connect wheel pad directly to indicator
  • RS-485 cable, 10 m to connect more than a 6 pad system
  • Aluminum Ramp for Load Ranger MD Models (single ramp only)
  • Aluminum Ramp for Load Ranger WD Models (single ramp only)
  • Aluminum Ramp for Load Ranger XWD Models (single ramp only)
  • Printer paper roll, 57 mm x 30m, 12 mm core 51 mm OD