Rice Lake RL-MPS-50 Mechanical Physician Scale

by Rice Lake


Rice Lake’s RL-MPS-50 mechanical physician scale is built to weigh patients up to 450 pounds (200 kilograms). The RL-MPS-50 features a height rod for monitoring growth and is designed with rear wheels for ease of transport. The poise travels freely along the weigh beam with just a tap of the finger. A distinctive, color-coded weigh beam is easy to read, with a kilogram weighing option available by flipping the beam.

Standard Features

  • Ease of transport with rear wheels
  • Aluminum height rod included
  • Poise travels free on weigh beam with simple finger tap
  • Easy-to-read weigh beam's color-coded black inset shows LB markings,  white inset shows KG markings. The beam can be rotated to the desired unit of measure.